Wednesday, August 27, 2003

so just back from my first greenbelt and im still cream crackered! with a rucksack of smelly clothes, one blister on the left heel and an enriched head with thanks to the weird and wonderful, i arrived back with not only more than i left with, but more than id bargained for!
with echo taking two alternative worship slots it was a working weekend... well sort of! our two slots were headed 'hope street' and 'a pregnant silence' and we were all very pleased to see such a good turnout both times. god really touched people and it was cool to see.(for more echo news check the echo website.

the stuff at greenbelt that i had to write home about was belfast's own duke special and the texan panto polyphonic spree. the duke was amazing-best ive ever seen him and in my eyes highlight of the festival. the spree were just pure entertainment with each member looking like they were pure lovin it!

thats all for now but id like to thank a few people for adding to my enjoyment of greenbelt 03- dave, lynn, gordy, ricky, sanjay, jonny, simon and the one and only stocki.

"where's the cookies?"
"button it!"

Monday, August 18, 2003

So for those who don't know me very well here's a little about myself...
I'm 20 years old, i work for an organisation called echo, i have just completed two years full time voluntary work with youth for christ ni as part of their creative arts team axiom, i love my music and am an aspiring dj.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

hello and welcome to my blog
forgive me in these early stages if its pure crap but im just findin my feet in the bloggers universe.
i hope that through my blog you might be encouraged or something like that.
i'm gonna use it as an avenue to be totally open and honest with my daily struggles and if it somehow is a benefit to anyone then thats good.
for now good bye

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